Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery And Her Battle Against Cancer

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Valerie Harper, most known as her appearance in the series The Mary Tyler Moore Show, had shown her courage and strong mentality when she was diagnosed with cancer. Valerie Harper brain cancer was a rare condition called leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, where cancer cells had spread into the membranes that surround the brain. The condition was originated from the lung cancer that she had years before. She was given a life expectancy only for months, and yet she is well and living, two years after the diagnosis. With media, she openly talked about her battle with cancer, Valerie Harper plastic surgery, and sharing with others about her life experiences.

Valerie Harper plastic surgery

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Chemo, imagery and acupuncture are what helped her to survive, she said. Imagery is a strong drive that helped her, in which she could yell at the cancer cells and make herself laugh. Valerie Harper age is 75 now, and her condition by no means could stop her for appreciating the life she had now. ‘Always live in the moment’ is her motto. Do not dwell on the past, or think too much of the future. Just live the moment while you can. Valerie Harper plastic surgery had also been a topic, aside of her bravery against cancer.

Valerie Harper plastic surgery rumor had surrounded the actress. So many are wondering if she ever going under the knife. Her opinion about aging, reaching middle age and plastic surgery is in her book, which she published in 2002. She is happily married with husband Tony Cacciotti, and blessed with a daughter named Cristina. She considered her life to be fulfilling, and viewing life with positive way of thinking.

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