Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Rumor Surrounding The Mythbuster Host

Kari Byron, one of the former Mythbuster hosts, is rising in her forties. The sculptress has a new project going on with Steve Wozniak, the Apple Co-founder. The project was planned to be a fresh reality show which introduces futuristic tech that quickly making science-fiction gadgets a reality. However, media seems to be concerned with her recent appearance. Rumors of Kari Byron plastic surgery had surrounded the former Discovery Channel star.

Kari Byron plastic surgery rumor is afloat with media’s suspicion

The star had left the hit science show with her partners Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara. The three hosts, also called The Build Team, were leaving after the amazing ten years of testing and validating the myths through science experimentation. During her time as host to present, Kari Byron net worth is reported to reach 1.5 million USD. However, media, as always, got something to talk about. The rumors of Kari Byron plastic surgery seem to float around her supposed boob job. Whether it was true or not, there has never been any confirmation or denial from her.

Kari Byron had temporarily left the series at 2009 for Kari Byron baby maternity leave. Kari Byron and her partner welcomed a baby girl at the same year. The Kari Byron plastic surgery rumor didn’t appear to recede though, with public suspicion constantly bring the subject afloat. That doesn’t seem to bother the brilliant star, as she carried on with her usual bubbly and effervescent personality. Her retirement from the Mythbuster show might be the end of an era, but it brings the three hosts to different new adventures.

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