Fergie Plastic Surgery Rumor And Her Alternate Option By Using Croydon Facelift

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Fergie had addressed her Fergie plastic surgery rumor in 2011, stating that such rumor was truly ridiculous. The singer of Black Eyed Peas had learned to laugh off any unwarranted story from the media, said that she has to learn to stay sane in the business. The rumor escalated in March 2011, when she appeared on American Idol with a little bit different look from her usual self. Her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, defended his partner that there was no surgical work done, it was just rumor and stated that his wife looked amazing as always.

Fergie plastic surgery with makeup and hairstyles

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Instead of going under the knife, the singer had opted to do a tested and tried Croydon facelift. The speculation about Fergie plastic surgery had sparked before, with the photograph of her teenage years looked totally different with the look she has now. The singer stated that it was her experimentation with different makeup and hairstyles that sparked the rumor. She and her husband welcomed a baby boy in August 2013. Fergie baby, named Axl Jack Duhamel, had been photographed in occasional family vacation. The happily married couple had been seen taking turns to take care of their only child.

The Fergie plastic surgery rumor that had sparked in previous year didn’t seem to bother the singer. Fergie, instead, opted to share her alternative choice by using Croydon facelift. She tells public that she is happy with her curvy body, and feels very comfortable with it. While saying that she hasn’t been a strict dieter, she also said that she was currently not in her best shape, but feels healthy and comfy in her own skin. Fergie biography as entertainer started at 1984 when she danced and also become a voice actor. At the same year, her career on television grows with her involvement in the television show Kids Incorporated. In 1992, she formed Wild Orchid with fellow star of the television show, and left the group because of her drugs problem and frustration over the group’s image. In 2003, she joined Black Eyed peas. She also has her own studio album, and her second solo was coming out in 2012.

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