Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Becoming Hot Topic Over The Years

Donatella Versace’s face has changed drastically over the years, and not for a good reason. Donatella Versace plastic surgery has altered her appearance and makes her unrecognizable when she stepped out in 2002, looking different in all the wrong ways. The designer had had natural full lips, a fresh and natural face when she appeared at 1997 V1 Fashion Awards. The following year, a heavier make up was spotted, but she still looks natural. In 2002, her appearance shocked public, and it is apparent that she had undergone a lip surgery and a filler treatment. Some beautician experts opinioned that the Versace’s vice president might also have more radical procedures.

Donatella Versace plastic surgery, Versace label, and the family net worth

Well before Donatella Versace plastic surgery and the success of Versace label, the fashion designer had her own achievement. Donatella Versace biography show her childhood at Italian city, and her pursue of design following his brother. Her brother Gianni Versace had designed a special perfume line dedicated for her. After Gianni’s murder, she became the head designer of Versace. Her popularity rose throughout the social circles of the celebrities, and she made a name for herself with her signature designs and her real estate ventures.

Still, Donatella Versace plastic surgery had remained hot topic for the press. Aside from the controversy, she and daughter Allegra carry out the legacy of Gianni with 20 and 50 percent share, respectively. The valuation would make Allegra a billionaire, while Donatella Versace net worth followed behind with $921.5 million. The second largest stakeholder, Santo Versace, would also make the list as billionaire, leaving Donatella out of family billionaires with a few millions behind.

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