Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Should Be Off The Table In This Age

Published on: Apr 09 2015 by John Nemos
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R&B musician William Smokey Robinson had reached his seventies. At this age, a plastic surgery is no longer recommended, some cosmetic doctors stated. The experts said that he still looked good despite the extensive Smokey Robinson plastic surgery, but having another surgical procedure is clearly off the table. Surgical work may be done for a touch up for his eyelid, but no more than that.

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery had maintain his good look over the years

Smokey Robinson children are Berrry Robinson (born 1968), Tamla Robinson (born 1969), and Trey Robinson (born 1984). Robinson was married to Frances Glandney from 2004 to present. Grew up in a slum area in North End Detroit, there was a spark of interest in music after he listened to the R&B vocal groups in the radio. Smokey formed his own group with his fellas, called The Matadors. It then changed name to The Miracles. With him as the lead singer and chief songwriter, the Miracles had created best-selling hits records. In March this year, Robinson and fellow singers celebrated the 30 years of ‘We Are the World’; the charity song featured 45 remarkable singers, created in 1985. Now at the age 75, Smokey Robinson plastic surgery had given him a younger look, and some plastic surgeons had stated that he had a good work done for his face.

Smokey Robinson net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. The R&B star had lined up to join the ‘2016 edition of the Soul Train’ with other R&B musicians. They will cruise from Florida in January 2016, and return in February. There will be more than 30 live performances and events in this cruise. Robinson is clearly very aspiring performers, and Smokey Robinson plastic surgery had helped him to maintain his appearance. However, prolonging any surgical procedure will not do him any good, as experts say.

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