Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery to Get Appealing Body

Published on: Apr 24 2015 by John Nemos
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There must be a time when women did not feel comfortable with her body and it is the reason for the jacqueline laurita plastic surgery which are rumored these days. As celebrity, Laurita want to keep her appearance as appealing as before. After giving birth to her son, Laurita feel uncomfortable with her breast. Since it is bigger, her back cannot support its heaviness. Breast reduction is the procedure which she chooses to fix this problem. Not only this reduction, but there are also some cosmetic procedures which she done to get her recent appearance.

Procedures in Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery

Besides the breast reduction, this actress is also done some jacqueline laurita plastic surgery procedures. Neck lift and the tummy tuck are the cosmetic procedures that she done. The plastic surgery is chosen by her to get rid of excessive fat which makes her belly looked unattractive. It is very uncomfortable when she wears the bikini with those belly fats. Botox injection is also done by Laurita. When you see her bare-naked body, you can found a big scar from her procedure to get her body now.

Huge Regret after Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery

Although she got a new and better look after the jacqueline laurita plastic surgery, Laurita said that there are a huge regret. She realizes that it will be better if she just let the aging process come and just face it. After her first Botox injection, she becomes very addicted to it. Because of this addiction and the changes of her habit, she can neglecting her family and creates more problems in her life.

Picture Gallery of the Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery to Get Appealing Body

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